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Ultrasonic level transmeter

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  5. Ultrasonic level transmeter
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Ultrasonic level transmeter

As the name implies, ultrasonic level sensors operate by emitting a burst of sound waves in very rapid succession. The sound waves emitted from the sensor travel at a known speed (the speed of sound) to the intended target where they bounce off the target and return to the sensor The sensor of the meter pulses in the direction of the product surface. There, they are reflected back and received by the sensor.The meter measures the time t between pulse transmission and reception Ultrasonic sensors are most commonly used for measuring the level in a body of liquid, such as in a tank, well, pit, lake, or another body of liquid. Ultrasonic level sensors can also be used to measure liquid in non-linear containers. This usually requires a strapping chart to adjust the reading to a volume as liquid rises and falls.

  • Measuring Range:4-30m
  • Output Currency:4~20 mA
  • Cable Entry:M20
  • Protection Grade:IP67
  • Sensor Material:ABS,PVC,PTFE

The ultrasonic method is a proved, as well as cost-effective solution for level measurement in liquids and bulk solids. Instruments are available as compact or separate versions. This measuring principle is characterized by easy planning and assembly, fast and safe commissioning, a long service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Ultrasonic level sensors use the Time-of-Flight measuring principle to measure level. The device sends sound waves at a frequency higher than humans can hear. These waves bounce from the surface of the product, creating an echo that goes back to the sensor.

 The meter uses the time t (and the velocity of sound) to calculate the distance D between the sensor membrane and the product surface

Applications of Ultrasonic Waves
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection.
  • Cutting and matching of hard materials.
  • Ultrasonic soldering and welding.
  • Measurement of flow devices.
  • Applications in medicine.
  • Thermal effect.
  • Ultrasonic as means of communication.
  • Non-contact, maintenance-free measurement
  • Measurement unaffected by media properties, like dc value or density
  • Calibration without filling or discharging
  • Self-cleaning effect due to vibrating sensor diaphragm
  • Common Uses of Ultrasonic Sensors
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