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Thread Ball Valve Insertion E.F. M

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  1. خانه
  2. /
  3. Flow
  4. /
  5. Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  6. /
  7. Thread Ball Valve Insertion E.F. M
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  • Size:   DN100-DN3000
  • Electrode:    SS316,HC,HB,Ti,Tan,Pt
  • Accuracy:    1.5%
  • Medium Temperature:    -10~160
  • Velocity:    >5 μs/cm



Insertion Electromagnetic flow meter with high performance and reliability based on high technology. It is being widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food, electricpower, , water treatment, petrochemical, medicine etc.



 Easy to install ( installed without shutting down the process)

 no pressure loss

 temperature can be -20℃~80℃.

 High protection grade,IP65,IP68.

 No moving parts,no pressure loss



   ♦ Chemical

   ♦ Medicine

   ♦ Beverage

   ♦ Iron and steel

   ♦ Water supply

   ♦ Electricpower

   ♦ Water treatmen

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