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Steam Flowmeter Swirl V. F.M

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  1. خانه
  2. /
  3. Flow
  4. /
  5. Vortex Flowmeter
  6. /
  7. Steam Flowmeter Swirl V. F.M
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Steam Flowmeter Swirl V. F.M

  • Accurcay:1.0%
  • Body material:SS304,SS316
  • Output:4-20mA,Pulse,RS485
  • Power supply:24VDC,3.6V
  • Size:DN15~DN300
  • Anti –interfrence ,Anti –Vibration ,Resist High Temperature



Insertion vortex flow meter works based on integrally forged pieces of Flange & body, it will avoid break down into pieces with welding seam looks nice and smooth.  Circuit Board works based on the advantages of anti-vibration and anti-interference. medium temperature sensor can measure highest temperature around 350℃,normal it is -40~250℃.

IN vortex flow meter body vertical insert a triangular prism root namely the happening of the body It works based on the theory of the flow relationship & relevant spiral produce.


  ♦  Liquid
  ♦ Dry gas
  ♦ Wet gas
  ♦ Wet steam
  ♦ Saturated steam
  ♦ Superheated steam

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