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Pressure transmitter STK131

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Pressure transmitter STK131

Type: STK131

This type option is HART-Communication
With LCD display
measuring ranges : 0….680 bar
Compact model
high quality
other options : HART and LCD Dispaly
power supply: from10.5 up to 45VDC
This pressure transmitter have easy installation in Vertical, Horizontal, or inverted
cable entry standard connections
Temperature in Storage & Environmentis is from -30 to 85℃

Display is 4-digit type
Display range : – 1.9 to 9.9
With Long term stability
Materials of Housing: 304SS
Materials of Process connection: 304SS

Pressure Ranges: Up to 0…680bar(gauge) 0…350bar(absolute)
Permissible load: ≤1000Ω
Rise time: 200 ms (without consideration of electronic damping)
Overvoltage protection: 500 V
This model is in both 2-wire & 3 wire type
Overvoltage protection: 500 V
Installation in any position
4-digit display type
Temperature in medium ,storage & environment is -40…90℃
Can be installed in any position

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