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Partial –filled pip M.F.M

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  1. خانه
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  3. Flow
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  5. Electromagnetic Flowmeter
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  7. Partial –filled pip M.F.M
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Remote Type  
  • Size :  DN200~DN3000
  • Accurcay:   2.5%
  • Communication  :RS485
  • Output:  4-20mA
  • Flow speed :0.05~10m/s
  • Connection flange


-Partial –filled pipe flowmeter suitable for low flow rate conductive liquids and measurement possible down to10% filling of pip

-It have big screen LCD backlight display with multiple function for data displaying flow rate , water level ,Instantaneus flow etc.

-Can measure circle tube ,square tube ,etc .

-Can a pply to cement ,carbon steel , stainless steel 304 pipe ,etc.

-no pressur loss, no need to close pipe during installation and continuous measurement.


Waste Water




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