Gas Turbine F.M


Gas Turbine F.M

  • Accurcay:1.0% or 1.5%
  • Body material:Carbon steel ,Aluminum alloy,SS304
  • Display :Flowrate,Total flow
  • Power supply:DC24V,3.6V
  • Output:4-20mA,Pusle,RS485
  • Discription:
  • Turbine gas flow meter composed of turbine flow sensor and display instrument and it is made by creative designs and technologies, which is an ideal gauge for measuring of liquid flow. The flow meter with simple structure, high precision and easy installation and repair is characterized. The product may be used in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food, electricpower, , water treatment, petrochemical, medicine,etc .



Natural Gas ,LPG Coal Gas etc.

gas metering and gas pressure regulating stations for petroleum gas, chemical gas, electric power and industrial boilers, as well as gas transmission and distribution pipeline



 easy for installation

 resistance to electromagnetic interference and vibration

with lower pressure loss

long term work life

good performance on antiy-seismi

 Simple structure





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